Round & Round

I’m working on finishing up a custom round coffee table for a client in the Spring Hill, Tennessee area. The technique for getting the top just the right size and

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Subdivision Entrance Sign

A Sign of Things to Come

What a project this was! Had the opportunity to work with Jace Caldwell, who really helped me get all of this rolling. This was designed, constructed and installed by Jace

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Firebox Cover

Great time with this project! Customer inspired design but first time getting back in the shop for a while! Headed to a cabin in Tennessee.

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Welding In The Shop

Working With Metal

Back when I was in high school at BGHS a number of years ago, I had a little welding instruction. I thought it was cool, but all I got to

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Me & the shop dog (nope, he's afraid of noise) getting ready for the portable mill

Where Does Furniture Come From?

It reminds me of the question kids sometimes ask their parents, “hey mom, where does milk come from?” The mother promptly answers, “from the grocery store son”, yes, well at

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Cutting Circles

There’s always something new to learn in this furniture design/build hobby come-to-life. With each new piece I build, I always learn something new, but I also try and incorporate new

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High Top White Oak Reclaimed Barnwood Dining Table

From Barn To Backyard Patio

What do I love most about building custom-designed, functional furniture for folks? Well, everything! I enjoy the back and forth with the customer trying to determine exactly what they want

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Reclaimed Red Cedar? Yes It is!


I love to watch the transformation of reclaimed wood. I love giving the wood a second life. This 120-year-old+ cedar’s “first life” was a floor porch in Springhill, TN area.

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Black Walnut & Reclaimed Poplar Sofa Table

Is this really happening?

Wow, don’t make the hobby a business they say. It will make it where it’s not fun anymore they say. Well, just thinking about getting time EVERY DAY in my

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