Jim Holton

I’ve felt connected to creating my entire life. From a very young age, I found both a place to escape and a sense of extreme reward by creating. From early art teachers to relatives, to winning various school art competitions and others appreciating my personal creative expressions from within have been rewarding. 

Over the years, I never totally got away from creating but it did not get the time and attention which satisfied that part of who I am for many years. I continued creative work in other ways in business but leaned more toward video production, strategic planning, and other business-related creativity. In early 2015, thru a chance meeting, my creative juices were reignited to build. Shortly thereafter, working with others to help develop the necessary skills to make my ideas a reality, again I was hooked. The reward of making “functional art” was a desire that brought great personal reward in using what I had created and seeing others enjoy the design and functionality of those pieces. 

Today, with my full-time business career completed, I now embrace the opportunity to design and build custom classic contemporary furniture for both personal homes and workspaces for clients. Each piece is designed and built working closely with my clients to ensure we capture the final use of the pieces in serving family or business needs. My goal is to always work with either reclaimed materials when possible or wood harvested directly from the personal properties of my clients. Ultimately, I want each piece that I design and build to have a very personal meaning to my clients. While I will work to implement design elements that I have developed as part of my overall design look, each piece still is unique to the individual needs of my clients and the space which the piece will occupy. 

My thought is when a piece is designed and built, we have taken material from its current state and changed its form and function to be suspended in time from this point forward. If this thought and my process appeal to you, I’d like to talk about how I can help you make your dream of a personal piece of classic contemporary furniture come to life. 

Thanks in advance for your consideration! 

Jim Holton