Is this really happening?

Is this really happening?

Black Walnut & Reclaimed Poplar Sofa Table

Wow, don’t make the hobby a business they say. It will make it where it’s not fun anymore they say. Well, just thinking about getting time EVERY DAY in my shop building custom pieces for clients ALL THE TIME puts a smile on my face and a great lift to my soul! For me, every time I design and build another piece, I get to share in the creative spirit of those who have entrusted me with their project. That is a special responsibility to enjoy and a great way for me to satisfy the needs of my clients and get rewarded myself at the same time. 

On a recent project, I had just delivered a high-top dining table that was a combination reclaimed wood top and a new “aged” metal look base. The delivery went well and the client said they had another project for me to look at while I was there. We evaluated the space and the other furniture in the room. I made sketches on the spot, took measurements, and got initial approval from the client. When the project was completed, we had a piece that was all wood, reclaimed barn beam legs with an aged chalk paint patina. Other elements of the table were black walnut (that I harvested) for the top and center rail leg support.  When the piece was completed and delivered, the smile on the face of my client was all that mattered. 

Ultimately, I used that “design look” of this table to create another small bench for a laundry room for another client. I used some of the same materials and a similar look but, the piece served a much different need. I’m excited for the opportunities that clients will entrust me with to meet their needs and build unique pieces for their homes or businesses. 

Finally, on this first blog post, I want to say thank you to God for the desire to create which He put within me. My prayer is that for whatever time I have left on this earth, I will work to create pieces that will serve people and their needs on a very personal and connected level with that which is created. Every day is a gift and in this crazy world in which we live, we need to find pleasure and joy in what matters the most. For me, that’s God first, family second, other relationships third, and designing and building pieces which create a reflection of the first three priorities! 

Until next time!